Covering events for Business Indya News has taken me to spots all over the globe, and I’ve also spent my share of time at the Omni Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, covering conventions.

Last month was no exception. Sometimes I fly in, but lately, since we purchased a very economical new car, I’ve been making more and more cross country trips driving myself.

So, here I am on the Interstate having just crossed over the border between Indiana and Kentucky when seemingly out of nowhere the highway becomes covered with some kind of small black debris.

It was hard, maybe metal and flying up from the tires of the traffic in front of me. It was really impossible to avoid hitting at least some of it; there was no avoiding it.

Some of the cars in the pack before me pulled off the road and appeared to immediately have sustained some damage.

I thought I had made it through OK until I started sensing what felt like the air leaving my tires.

It was something bad and I knew I was going to need wrecker services in Louisville, so I got off at the first exit.


 By the time I got to the bottom of the off-ramp and out of the way of the mainstream traffic, the car was really handling poorly.

I got out and much to my horror, discovered that all four tires had gone flat, and even had shrouds of shrapnel poking out of the treads.

I got out my smart phone and Googled wrecker services Louisville and the first place that came up was a company called Towing Services Near Me Louisville.

Imagine that! The dispatcher assured me that a truck could be out to rescue me immediately and he sure was!

What seemed like only five or ten minutes later, up came a shiny new flatbed tow truck which tilted in the back and hoisted up my little car.

Not knowing too much about wrecker services Louisville or tire companies, I asked the tow truck operator from Towing Services Near Me Louisville for some advice.


 Certainly not the most robust tires in the world, the good thing about them is that they are pretty small and less expensive to replace than most other sized tires on passenger cars.

The wrecker services Louisville guy just happened to know where a discount tire shop was in that neighborhood and off we went!

So, my freshly destroyed tires weren’t exactly bald and while I had really only expected to get maybe another ten or twenty thousand miles on them, such would not be the case.

So we made it to the tire place pretty quick, and fortunately there was no damage to my rims, but I was going to have to eat four new tires.

I figured if I walked out for under $400 I would be lucky.


No matter what you do in this world, there are always unexpected problems that can spring up and try to spoil your day.

If you live, work or even just pass through Kentucky and you find yourself searching for wrecker services Louisville, I think you probably know who to call now.

For those keeping track, I got out of the tire store for under $350 and also got a pretty fair shake from wrecker services Louisville, so I can’t complain.

It’s good to know there are still some good people in the world.