My Journey to Kentucky

Business Indya News tries to cover all of the stories happening in many of the areas throughout the world. Due to this, having to travel is part of the trip. This is why it is so important to find the right drivers, hotels and other areas to spend the time in another country.

When I went to visit Louisville, Kentucky I actually encountered an impostor. I was picked up by a fraud pretending to be a driver for Limos in Louisville. If you’ve ever heard of this company, you know that they’re complete professionals in all that they do.

Picked up at the Airport

I was picked up right at the airport, as you usually are when you’re picked up by a company. However, at the first glance of not only the driver but the limo, I thought I had made a huge mistake. With so many good words on this company, I thought that this must be a mistake. Little did I know I was completely right.

The limo driver seemed to be drunk and was slurring and sloppy! I was so upset. The limo looked ancient and smelled like alcohol. Obviously, the driver must have been drinking on the inside of the limo right before he got me, right?

He dropped me off right outside of my hotel, which is what I asked. After some speed racing down the streets, a few sharp turns and probably some cuss words. I had to speak to Limos in Louisville to see what exactly was going on.

Solving the Problem

Come to find out, he didn’t actually work for this wonderful company and they did in fact have a limo waiting for me there. I actually got into the wrong one, he was confused, probably as confused as me. The company however, was completely gracious with all that they did and made sure to fix the mistake and even gave me a discount for my troubles – even though it wasn’t even their mess-up!